Organizations and individuals in Northern Ireland and America who have studied the genealogy, history, and culture of the Ulster Diaspora, or simply have an interest in the topic, are encouraged to participate and share their particular knowledge, thereby improving both the historic data and our understanding of the Ulster Diaspora story.

Key elements of the reunion will include:

  • Identify the people who left Ulster for a new life in North America, the villages, town lands, churches and points of departure in Northern Ireland an the points of arrival, settlements and destination points in the colonies.
  • Exploring the cultural uniqueness of the Diaspora including foodways, dress, relationships with the land, religion, music, language, literature, and folkways.
  • Academic outreach including lectures, articles, conferences, archeological research, and publications.
  • Public outreach through social media, community organizations, dignitaries, regional and state liasons.
  • Commemorations will be planned including educational displays at historic sites and heritage trail connections throughout the U.S.A. and Northern Ireland.

The Maine Ulster Scots Project (MUSP) will help organize and conduct those portions of the Ulster Diaspora Reunion that will be conducted in the State of Maine. The District of Maine was an early point of destination for families leaving Ulster in 1718 and throughout the colonial period. MUSP has been saving and sharing the stories of the Ulster emigrants that settled within the District of Maine since 2006.

We look forward to a productive, educational, and fun program celebrating 300 years of Ulster Diaspora influence in North America, reconnecting with family and friends on both sides of the pond. Your involvement through sharing of your time, participation in events, research, or other donations, will help make this a successful event and raise awareness of the rich heritage shared by some 30 million American descendants of the Ulster emigration experience.